i360medical names Bob Mitchell Interim Board Chair
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i360medical names Bob Mitchell Interim Board Chair

i360medical, together with its board of directors, recently elected Bob Mitchell as interim board chair.

(DUBLIN, IRELAND) — i360medical, a leading Irish healthcare innovation and medical device company, together with its board of directors, recently elected Bob Mitchell as interim board chair. Mitchell succeeds outgoing board chair Ray Cantwell. Mr. Cantwell served as chair for 4 years after previously holding executive roles at Medtronic.


Commenting on Mr. Mitchell’s appointment, i360medical CEO Derek Young said, “We are delighted that Bob Mitchell has agreed to become interim Chairman of the Board. Our vision has always included engaging a unique community of global experts to identify and innovate solutions to improve patient care and outcomes across Europe, US and Australasia. Mitchell, currently serving as i360medical chief commercial officer and chair of the commercial advisory board, will continue to lead the i360medical commercial efforts in those roles.


"More than 70% of all medtech startups fail. i360medical excels where typical incubators and health care consultants fall short. It may sound counterintuitive, but we actually help ideas to not only fail, but to fail fast. The novel i360medical 7-step process saves time and money, all the while increasing the probability of success,” Mitchell said.


“Our seasoned team quickly filters and validates ideas very efficiently. The probability of success is increased dramatically given our experience, understanding and novel process designed to thoroughly assess all aspects of design, development and commercialization," Mitchell said.


Bob Mitchell has dedicated his career to exploring new horizons as an executive, director and investor; building teams and pursuing innovation with an eye on projects that address unmet needs while promoting societal progress. For more than three decades, Mr. Mitchell has led high-tech medical device companies.Working closely with clinical thought-leaders the world over, he has witnessed and helped influence the evolution of several healthcare solutions. In 2018, he retired from operating companies to focus on a few disruptive and interrelated projects.


Mr. Mitchell is an active Board Member for companies in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and the USA, where he currently serves as Chairman for three. He has helped fund more than 20 innovative companies including the successful exit of two venture backed startups in the endovascular space. Bob is known as a mentor and change agent and has been an invited lecturer in more than fifteen countries.


For more information about i360medical, please contact Vice President of Marketing Rachel Knutton at +1-931-252-8000 or rachelknutton@i360medical.com.